Thinking Out Loud

The Giving and Receiving Equation

Do you sometimes wonder ‘what’s in it for me?” When you are asked to assist or take over a task, fit something extra into your day, take on added responsibility for a short time, is part of your reaction to wonder when you will get something in return?

I have certainly been guilty of this reaction…I’ve even said the words!!

Lately, though, I have begun to think differently. When I can do a task for someone else that eases their workload or makes them feel better, why would I want recognition for this? I’m no longer a child that needs to be patted on the head for good manners and behaving well. Being able to give with no thought of a return favour is the ultimate in having a generous spirit. It certainly makes me feel great to do acts, sometimes as simple as carrying a bag whilst the other person sorts out bus passes, holding a door open, thanking the driver who stops at the pedestrian crossing……..

I do it at work as well. Making the coffee and doing the washing up (not every day, just when I have the time and others don’t); clearing a backlog of filing for a colleague; putting together a first draft of a document – whatever I see that I can assist with, I will offer.

We don’t need to have our interaction with others be an equation. True kindness and generosity can be found in the simple pleasure of giving to others in any way you can.

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