Thinking Out Loud

Recognition and Reward

Yesterday, for the first time, I had a day completely free of conflicting business priorities. With a long time colleague, I produce a weekly podcast for senior executives, covering a range of management issues and case studies. Recently she suggested we have a “celebration” day to reflect on the journey we have taken with the podcasts so far and to give ourselves a “pat on the back”.

We did just that. In the morning we went to a floral art demonstration (something I enjoy and she has not been exposed to), followed by a relaxed lunch and wander around a small village…….traditionally when we worked in different organisations we would meet for shopping and eating days!!.

We certainly talked about management issues but it was very much an exploration of general theories not a specific conversation about upcoming podcasts. By the end of the day, we were both relaxed and yet energised for our next sessions, with ideas flowing fast for the rest of the year’s activities.

It made me reflect on how often we take the time to recognise our achievements, even the everyday ones, and celebrate our successes, particularly the small ones. I can highly recommend a day here and there for this – pat yourself on the back and take some time to celebrate your achievements, whatever they might be. You will feel the benefits with a clarity of mind and purpose no amount of thinking at work can give you.

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