Thinking Out Loud

Long Term Plans

Do you make long term plans? Do you have goals you have set for yourself that are 10 or 20 years into the future?

About 4 months ago I went to a personal and business development seminar where one of the exercises was to write down as many “goals” we wanted to achieve, being very specific about them.e.g. Rather than say financially free, we had to write down what financially free would mean – enough to pay the monthly bills with x amount left over or passive income of x amount etc.

Then we had to go down the list and put a time measure on them of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.Today I found the page where I had done this…….a bit telling that I haven’t looked at it for 4 months……and had a read of my thoughts at that time.

A lot has happened in both my business and personal life in those 4 short months. Have my “goals” changed? Has the timing changed? The answer to both questions is no. I am surprised. Given the upheaval in my personal life I would have expected there would be some changes to at least the timing. Not so – the goals I identified are still goals and the timing, even the 1 year one, is still achievable.

What do I learn from this? That my perception (or the story I am telling myself) of the effect of changes in the last 4 months being detrimental is not correct. That I am still fundamentally on track to achieve the goals I set myself.

We should all take stock periodically to more accurately assess how we are going – not rely on how we feel about how we are going!!

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