Thinking Out Loud

How Disappointing……

Taking some time today to think about how to handle disappointment.

I recently volunteered for crew at a two day event that I thought would be great fun as well as a learning opportunity. I didn’t make the cut and I’m quite disappointed. So how to handle this and move on with my day as well as remain eager to volunteer next time an opportunity presents itself?

Its hard.

I don’t feel like moving on. I want to wallow in self pity for a while.

But wait….where will that get me? How will that approach help?

We both know it won’t so why waste any more time on it. Writing this post is obviously cathartic and pushes me to take my own advice. Its not the end if the world, its not the last time I will have this opportunity and perhaps I missed out because being a volunteer rather than attending the event is not the best opportunity for me. I will keep telling myself this to help me refocus on what is important – the event itself, not the way I will be attending.
I’m not going to say it will be simple or quick to move forward but it is the correct approach for me to be responsible for my happiness – something I talked about in a previous post.
Now for a solace filled cup of tea!

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