Thinking Out Loud

Managing Moments of Anger

I use the word “peeved” to express my anger. It gives me a sense of satisfaction plus diffuses my anger and let’s me let go of the situation.
Today I was peeved over a very small matter. I think its because I am feeling the effects of two weeks of a “night shift” sleep (or lack of it) pattern. This is self inflicted as I take part in a two week competition for flower arranging. I let today’s silly niggle spoil what should have been an enjoyable lunch as the culmination of the competition.
Seven days later………
Thinking about this a week later I am wondering how you go about changing your “state”?

How we react and interpret any given situation is up to us. In this instance I told myself what I thought was the case and then reacted to that. I perpetuated my interpretation and ended up spoiling what should have been an enjoyable day. What would the day have been like if I had addressed my interpretation of the situation earlier? Would I have found it was different to my interpretation, to the story I told myself and then justified?
What could I do to change my state and not let the day be affected by the incident ? I’m not suggesting we second guess everything in our day. I do think, though, that when we have a reaction that is not positive, we should think a bit more deeply and from another perspective.
When I get peeved over a small thing I should apply the 45 second rule. React a much as I want (privately) for 45 seconds – get it out of my system so to speak – then let it go and come back to the present.
I am in control of my happiness – I need to take responsibility for it as well.

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